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We produce plantain flour from unripe plantains, creating a versatile gluten-free alternative for baking and cooking. Plantain flour is known for its many health benefits and that is why we have carefully selected it as one of our products.

Our plantain flour is rich in nutrients and was locally and naturally sourced. It is a healthy alternative to traditional flours perfect for baking and adding thickness to soups and sauces.


  • It reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Rich in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals
  • It is beneficial to people with diabetes
  • Contains high concentration of antioxidants
  • Enhances intestinal health
  • It improves sexual health


  • Plantain flour

Serving Suggestion

Plantain flour can be used in preparing a variety of meals. This flour serves as a substitute for traditional wheat flour. Plantain flour is popularly used in making Plantain pancakes, plantain fritters, plantain waffles, plantain porridge, plantain cookies, smoothies, and plantain tortillas. Enjoy experimenting with plantain flour in your kitchen to cook your favorite dishes.